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Environmental Remediation Services

ES&H works hard to prevent and eliminate damage to the environment through a team of technicians with extensive experience in safely removing hazardous and non-hazardous chemical contaminated waste. The ES&H team develops site-specific solutions while maintaining full compliance with government regulations to restore accident sites, work sites and any contaminated water or land environment back to their natural state.

environmental remediation emergency services

Transportation Capabilities

ES&H's hauling services are diverse. ES&H maintains a fleet of commercial vehicles for a variety of transportation services such as vacuum trucks and trailers, tank trailers, roll-off box trucks and trailers, box vans, drop deck trailers and flatbed drum trucks. ES&H also has a significant inventory of roll-off boxes, vacuum boxes, and frac tanks. ES&H is licensed and certified to transport hazardous and/or non-hazardous waste anywhere in the continental United States.

Bio & In Situ Remediation

In some cases, removal of the contaminated media may not be the most desirable or cost effective method of remediation. When appropriate conditions exist, ES&H manages the treatment of waste on-site to reduce recovery and disposal costs. Using various bio-remediation techniques, ES&H has the ability to conduct these land farming methods to reduce contaminated soils to acceptable levels on-site.

Dig & Haul

In many cases, the most rapid and cost effective method to treat impacted soils is to excavate the impacted areas and remove them from the site. While not as technical or advanced of a method as bio-remediation, physical removal is a significantly more definitive and rapid method of restoring the environment. ES&H maintains a comprehensive inventory of earth moving equipment, roll-off boxes, roll-off trucks, and 18-wheeler vehicles in order to rapidly remove impact soils following an incident. The ES&H team has substantial experience with field screening, waste profiling, manifesting, and disposing of impacted soils.

Saltwater and Chemical Hauling

Produced salt water is a common by-product of oil or gas production and has to be separated and properly disposed of during the life of the well. ES&H provides vacuum trucks for the safe hauling of saltwater and chemicals from well locations to the regulator approved disposal sites.


ES&H is able to provide technical sampling services for a wide variety of contaminants across many impacted media streams. Whether the site is being sampled to delineate the extent of contamination at the beginning of the project or to document the closures of the site, ES&H's team of professionals can complete the project. ES&H's highly experienced staff is well versed on proper QA/QC protocols, proper preservation methods, and chain-of-custody procedures. The ES&H team has extensive experience with the numerous different state and federal closure standards to insure all regulatory requirements are met.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team
Midland, Odessa, Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas

Whether you are faced with a chemical spill, a toxic leak, an accidental substance release, or worse —

You can rest assured knowing that ES&H Dallas / Midland has the experience and resources to get your organization through the situation with our emergency response services.

Our HAZMAT trailers are thoroughly outfitted and ready to respond to incidents on the highway, railway, freight terminal or chemical plant.

ES&H has the Coast Guard's Highest OSRO Classification. This classification attests to our ability to respond to any scale emergency with rapid response times.