24 hourEmergency Response number

Call : 1.800.374.6577


24 Hour Emergency Phone: 1-800-374-6577

General Info: info@esh-dallas.com
Careers email: careers@esh-dallas.com

Operations Building Dallas
3418 S. Gilbert Rd. Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Administration Building
3402 S. Gilbert Rd. Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Lay down Yard and site of New Building project
3405 & 3409 Gilbert Rd. Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Operations Building Midland
6907 W. County Road 107, Midland Texas 79706

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team
Midland, Odessa, Fort Worth & Dallas, Texas

Whether you are faced with a chemical spill, a toxic leak, an accidental substance release, or worse —

You can rest assured knowing that ES&H Dallas / Midland has the experience and resources to get your organization through the situation with our emergency response services.

Our HAZMAT trailers are thoroughly outfitted and ready to respond to incidents on the highway, railway, freight terminal or chemical plant.

ES&H has the Coast Guard's Highest OSRO Classification. This classification attests to our ability to respond to any scale emergency with rapid response times.